New Study Report: mioty vs. LoRa-FHSS

June 11, 2024

This new study report evaluates LoRa-FHSS performance against classical LoRa and mioty through comprehensive literature reviews. LoRa-FHSS, similar to mioty, uses frequency hopping and forward error correction but differs entirely from classical LoRa in its physical layer. Classical LoRa transceivers cannot decode LoRa-FHSS, which relies on a software-defined radio approach, making it suitable only for uplink due to its high decoding complexity.

LoRa FH-SS addresses the problem LoRa has with network capacity, making LoRa FH-SS 100 times better. But it comes at a high price:

  • Energy consumption is 40% higher than LoRa SF12 (making it 6 times more power hungry than mioty!)

  • Sensitivity goes down 3dB in comparison with LoRa SF12 (lowering the range)

  • Transmission and on-air time goes up (limiting the no of messages allowed to send within the duty cycle limitations)
  • The header bursts are not robust, making LoRa FH-SS vulnerable to noise, especially classical LoRa signals (LoRa will disturb LoRa FH-SS messages!)

Access the study report today to uncover the objective insights into mioty’s strengths and optimize your understanding of LPWAN possibilities.

Download now and elevate your connectivity strategies!

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